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About Iqua O/S

Iqua O/S project is made to make changes and design changes of your computer more easily and productive. This is the list that we need to work on:

1. Alternative to dreamweaver, flash, photoshop

2. Alternative service to Wikipedia (Expertepedia project)

3. Aqua Earth, 3D earth viewer

4. Entertainment softwares

5. New alternatives to GNOME softwares

6. New hardwares (optional) for optimizing the software like memory or new hard disk

7. Alternative to PS3, and iPod.

8. New GUI System

9. New kernel for PHP-writing system for designing GUI in user mode

10. Many games

11. GUI Apache

12. Media Center

13. Piano composer software

14. Mail system

15. Aqualight, alternative to Microsoft Silverlight

16. Alternative to iTunes

17. (if donation system is working well) Satelite that will support Aqua Earth.

18. Alternative to Windows Live Messenger

19. Alternative for youtube

Donation system will open soon. Please contribute to project, and if you do, you will have honor which is that your name would be listed as contributor or creator in the Aurora Boreal Light.

This is mass projects. We need your help. If you have any good idea or codes, please send it at public forum.(Link will be soon provided.)

If you have Microsoft Silverlight, you can also go to http://gabeyg.myi.cc/macroapple

Also, you can go to http://launchpad.net/aurora or http://gabeyg.myi.cc/mediaorange .

Website partially in construction..